5 Types Of Medium Hair Cut

One can try different hairstyles with medium length hair. Following are some popular haircuts which are preferred by most of the women all over the world:

1)      Bob hair cut: Bob hair cut is one of the popular haircuts for medium length hair. You can try different hairstyles on bob hair cut. One can either keep their hair straight or can curl them up. Bob hairstyle also looks very attractive if coloring is done with bright colors and right technique. Bob hair cut is suitable for most of the occasion. For example be it office or school or party, bob hairstyle with medium length hair is suits almost every situation.

2)      Medium layer cut: Medium hair with layers is also a very popular hair cut as far as women from all over the world are concerned. This hair cut usually suits almost all types of faces. The medium hair with layers can be maintained with fewer efforts, as it is a very convenient way of styling ones hair. The hair with layer looks very trendy and goes well with the present fashion.

3)      Choppy Hair cut: Choppy hair cut is also a very well known haircut. Many men prefer it. Choppy haircuts give a rich appearance. Choppy haircuts give an even better and attractive look if colors are applied to hair. The color to be used depends upon the face shape and the skin color.

4)      Rock Star Cut: This is a very different and a funky type of haircut. Rock Star Cut permits one to try different styling with the layers and lengths of the hair. It is not exactly like spike haircut, but it includes spike for giving a messy and shabby look. Rock star haircut can also be termed as rugged hairstyle.

5)      Simple hair cut: A Simple haircut is what the name itself suggests. Simple hair cut can be described as long layers at the bottom and short hair on top. Such haircuts are very cost-effective and hassle free. The best part is a simple haircut does not require a professional stylist. It can be done by a normal barber also.

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